tin can.

lead front-end developer

tin can is a platform that improves the crypto community by letting users rate nft projects, because getting rugged f***ing sucks.

i worked with a small team of builders (one pm, one designer, and two other engineers) who built this project for club cpg.


solo founder

( what is drawww? )

drawww is a platform that provides a new way for people to buy and sell sneakers/clothes/etc on the internet... and hopefully push this fucked up game in the right direction.

we are not yet open to sellers, but you can make an account and join the waitlist.


mobile engineer/product

releaf is a nigeria-based startup focusing industrialized food processing with a goal to scaling africa's agricultural sector.

as an engineer, i built the initial version of the sourcing and logistics mobile app. as a product manager, i partnered with design and engineering on the direction of their geospatial mapping platform.
they are a great team focused on a great mission!


solo founder

( afe's mission )

pronunciation: (ah-fay) - language: okpella - meaning: community/family

afe is a mobile-first platform to help consumers find black (and other minority-owned) businesses.

the app is currently live on the ios app store and in select cities! go get that!


solo founder

pronunciation: (ray-me) - language: okpella - meaning: to eat

rhemi was an online ordering SaaS product for small and micro-restaurants/caterers.
rhemi : doordash :: shopify : amazon.

i built rhemi and was able to land one customer (shouts out to ck's in ahwatukee, arizona!!) but decided to shut it down.

my day job.

for my "9-5" i work as a product manager at facebook (which i recently joined via their rpm program). previously, i spent a few years as a finance and corporate strategy analyst at intel.